James Charnley Preston joiner - longcase clock

Grandfather Clock

I was asked if I could restore a valuable grandfather clock which had been reliably dated from the 1780s and had been in the family since 1877. On examination the case turned out to be in pieces, several of them missing. The case was built from oak and mahogany and looked as though it needed some structual restoration. However the good news was that the parts were essentially in a kit form and could be repaired and reassembled. The tricky bits included new gooseneck or swansneck moulding at the top of the clock which had to be carved out of mahogany to match the existing one. I also rebuilt and restored the frame around the clockface which was pretty damged with sections missing. Although there were some exacting repairs which were invisible when completed (as they should be) this was a satisfying project. After cleaning and polishing the clock looked splendid and the wood glowed with a rich patina.

The customers said: "We are delighted with the work that James has done for us in restoring this treasured family item. It was in a very sorry state when we received it and we didn't hold out much hope of getting it anywhere near its original condition. James was very committed to our project and worked with skill and patience to bring the case back to life for us. It now has pride of place in our home and we have sent photos to family members far and wide who all have their own memories of growing up with clock ever present in our Grandparents home."